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Anaesthetic Pro was developed to aid veterinary practices to better utilize an extensive range of veterinary anaesthetic and pain management medications.

The clinician accesses a well-researched, comprehensive array of veterinary pre-anaesthetic, anaesthetic and pain management options. These are presented for a wide range of companion animal species. Once an option is selected, medication volumes are quickly calculated. This process is also available for local anaesthetic and reversal agents. A number of easy to print forms are available for the anaesthetic team to record patient and consumables data.

Cat and Dog ‘Emergency Drug Sheets’ can be easily calculated and printed to help prepare the team in the event of a rare anaesthetic emergency. Anaesthetic Pro maintains a registry of drug use that will assist practices with inventory and restricted drug control. A number of useful reference links are also included to assist practices better care for their patient pain management requirements.

  • Accurate


    Easy-to-use calculators provide accurate dose volumes for a variety of veterinary pre-anaesthetic, anaesthetic and pain control medications. Information is also included on drug administration routes and timing when multiple medications are combined (where applicable).

  • Speedy


    Complex calculations can be completed in seconds. These are available for a wide range of pre-anaesthetic, veterinary anaesthetic and pain control medications. Calculations are also available for CRI’s, Crash Drug options and epidurals. A number of patient forms can be quickly printed to assist in data recording.

  • Comprehensive


    Anaesthetic Pro looks at each step of the veterinary anaesthetic process and provides tools for the clinician to plan and document each stage in detail. Planning and detailed documentation combine to make Anaesthetic Pro a comprehensive system.

  • Versatile


    Use Anaesthetic Pro as little or as much as you want. Use it on as wide or narrow a range of companion animal species as you need. Use it to administer as wide or narrow a range of medications as you choose. Anaesthetic Pro can fit any clinic’s anaesthetic and pain management requirements.

  • Complete


    The only measure of success that clients use when their pet undergoes anaesthesia is a safe recovery with minimal risk and pain. This takes careful planning. Anaesthetic Pro offers the clinician tools to systematically work through the necessary planning steps then formulate a plan for each patient requiring sedation, anaesthesia or pain management.

  • Systematic


    • Consistently formulate an anaesthetic plan for each patient.
    • Consistently monitor each patient's anaesthesia.
    • Consistently record consumables and medications.
    • Consistently plan each patient's post op care.
    • Consistently maintain patient documentation.
    • Consistently prepare for emergencies.

Anaesthetic Pro performs the following functions:

  • Help classify patient anaesthetic risk (PA/GA/Pain Plan).
  • Lists pre-anaesthetic, anaesthetic, and pain management drug options available for a wide range of companion animal species. Once selected, drug dose volumes are easily calculated and printed. Calculations are available for a wide range of drugs / drug combinations, CRI calculations and epidurals.
  • The Case Specific tab lists PA/GA drug options suitable for use in cats and dogs with specific medical conditions.
  • Data sheets can be printed that collect:
    • Patient physiological data (GA Monitor Form a & b).
    • Consumables use and patient aftercare (Consumables Form).
  • The Information button provides relevant medication facts (including contraindications).
  • An emergency drug list can be calculated and printed for cats and dogs in preparation for adverse anaesthetic events (GA Crash Drugs).
  • Reversal drug dose volumes can be calculated and printed for common opioid / sedation medications.
  • Local Anaesthetic calculators help prevent toxic side effects from volume overdose.
  • Anaesthetic Pro maintains a registry of drug use to assist veterinary practices with inventory and restricted drug control.
  • A number of links are included to aid veterinary practitioners with patient pain monitoring and local anaesthetic administration techniques.
Anaesthetic Pro began as a small database to calculate veterinary pre-anaesthetic doses – it was a basic setup but made life easier for staff by allowing them to make quick, accurate calculations. Veterinary pain management has come forward in leaps and bounds over the last few years and the multimodal approach to patient pain control is now commonplace. This may include local nerve blocks, epidural and opioid administration (IV or IM), and perhaps ketamine top up during treatment and recovery. The nice thing with Anaesthetic Pro is it is easy to calculation all these dose rates in minutes.

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